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Throughout its long history, Beijing has oscillated between positions of imperial grandeur and subjugation to foreign powers. In the 21st century, the city has again emerged as a seat of global power and influence, modernizing at a breakneck pace. Yet amid the new skyscrapers and crowded roadways, Beijing retains much of the sleepy charm it had a century ago. While the convenience and comforts brought by China’s rise make a trip to the capital pleasant enough, the real reward for travelers is a discovery of how, at its cultural foundation, so little of the city has really changed.

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Matthew DurninBeijing Local Expert

Matt Durnin is a research consultant specializing in China's economics and politics. He has lived in Beijing for eight years despite frequent, half-hearted attempts to escape its gravitational pull. When he's not working, Matt is usually sweating out his vacation days seeking adventure in remote corners of the globe.