Exploring La Vieille Capitale
Understanding Quebec means exploring La Vieille Capitale. Quebec City is one of Canada's premiere cultural enclaves, where the best in art, cuisine, and the outdoors come together in one unique French Canadian package. La Vieille Capitale is synonymous with all that makes Canada authentic; Quebec City glistens during the Quebec Winter Carnival – the perfect time to explore an ice hotel – and shines in the summer, when the streets of La Vieille Capitale buzz with energy.

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French Canadian Charm

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Old Québec City looks and feels like a charming town in France that was transported to the shores of the St. Lawrence River more than four centuries ago.

Step foot in Old Québec City and you’ll be surrounded by quaint, historic stone buildings flanking narrow streets paved with stone blocks. Everywhere you go, you will be reminded of the region’s Francophone heritage but this is not France, it’s Canada and the native Indian tribes have put their stamp on the Québécois identity. The result is a wonderful fusion of two cultures. French is the language spoken but the accent is uniquely Québécois. There is plenty of divine French food to be savored but I also scarfed down more than my fair share of Québec’s quintessential foods, poutine and tourtière. I loved strolling through galleries specializing in native Indian art. By the time I got home, I had gained a few pounds and developed an obsession with Inuit soapstone sculptures!

Old Québec City is undeniably a place that you will want to explore on foot. After you end your stroll through Place-Royal and Quartier du Petit Champlain, walk up to Terrasse Dufferin and gaze up at the famed hotel, Château Frontenac. Then head to the ramparts of the Citadelle to take in the views overlooking the St. Lawrence.

Old Québec City is a beautiful city with old world European charm that beckons you to slow down. If you live on the east coast of the US, a visit to Old Québec City makes for a perfect long weekend escape!

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