12 Must-Do Experiences in Venice
Ah Venice, a city so storied its sights often evoke a sense of deja vu in travelers who have never previously experienced them. Featured in countless films and TV shows, Venice has long been synonymous with romance, and is certainly one of Italy's must-do attractions in its own right. But when you are exploring its crooked streets and grand canals, there are some activities that just cannot be missed. To really do Venice properly, check out these 12 must-do Venetian experiences.

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Take a Gondola Ride Through Cannaregio

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Two things you need to know about gondola rides in Venice:
1 - They're worth it.
2 - The price is agreed beforehand, and is standard.

Knowing those two things, you can happily hop aboard this traditional Venetian mode of transport and relax, because, touristy as it is, it's not a rip-off, and it's a must-have experience.

You can pick up a gondola almost anywhere in Venice, and you can see whatever sights you want from one... my own recommendation is to head away from the Grand Canal to the quiet backwater canals where you can really imagine yourself centuries back in time. We engaged our gondolier at the station near Rialto Mercato and asked him to take us across to Cannaregio, a more residential area that still boasts some extraordinary palazzi and churches. We barely met another boat, apart from the odd Venetian getting himself home on his motor launch, and unexpected delights loomed upon us silently and suddenly, like Marco Polo's house, or the Chiesa dei Miracoli. All in all, much better than joining the heavy gondola traffic in San Marco.

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