Flavors of Mexico: Where to Eat in Arizona
Arizona didn't become a U.S. state until 1912, and the southern tier of Arizona remained part of Mexico until 1854. Borders have moved over the centuries, but flavors, fortunately, know no such boundaries here. Sonoran cuisine is native to Arizona, and some of the best Mexican food outside of Mexico can be had if you know where to go to eat.

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Enjoy Transcendent Mexican Cuisine in Sedona

After a hard day of hiking the myriad trails through Sedona's gorgeous red rock country, my friend and I earned a dining experience where calories did not count. Everyone recommended Elote Cafe. Thank you, everyone, for one of the finest meals I've ever earned. The menu at Elote (translation: roasted corn on the cob, or corn cob) features several unique and flavorful corn dishes quite beyond traditional Mexican fare. The restaurant's namesake appetizer is out of this world: fire-roasted corn with spicy mayo, lime, and Mexican Cotija cheese. Pictured is one of the entrees, the grilled wild Mexican shrimp in a spinach-chipotle cream sauce. Wow! For dessert, I decided on the pastel de elote — a warm, sweet corn cake with dulce de leche, raspberry jam, and vanilla ice cream. Happy birthday to me (oh, BTW, it was my birthday!). From the drinks menu (remember, no calories, AND birthday), I sampled the homemade blood orange limeade, as well as the best Mojito to be found outside of Cuba. For after dinner (pictured at right): a shot of Agavero, a sublime tequila liqueur flavored with extract of the Damiana flower. Also noteworthy was the warm, earthy atmosphere, with glowing copper tabletops. Reservations are not currently accepted, so be prepared for a wait!

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by Sue Manuel
AFAR Local Expert
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