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Tonight, We Dine in the Dark

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Dinner in the Dark is all about the element of surprise. Where in Cleveland they need to go is the only information guests will be allowed from when they buy their ticket to the moment they finally sit down and drape a napkin across their lap.

What they'll be eating and who will be making it? They're kept — you guessed it — in the dark.

Cleveland's Dinner in the Dark was the brainchild of two local chefs, Brian Okin and Jeff Jarrett, who decided they wanted to find a way not only to provide Cleveland chefs with an outlet to collaborate in the kitchen, but to give back to the food-loving community that has been supporting them for years.

60 to 90 guests (depending on the venue, which changes every time) are given the opportunity to experience a new six- or seven-course meal every month, each course prepared by a different Cleveland chef chosen by Okin and Jarrett. All proceeds go toward a Cleveland charity — in the two years they've been functioning as a company and now as a non-profit, Dinner in the Dark has donated to 16 organizations — and the guests leave happy. And full.

December's dinner will be held at Soho Kitchen & Bar. Want to know more? I guess you'll just have to be there.

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by Liv Combe
AFAR Contributor
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