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The Best Things to Do in Guadalajara

The birthplace of tequila, mariachi, and Mexican rodeo has something for everyone. A trip to the city is an exercise in contrasts—be sure to visit the historic center, artisan markets, and old neighborhoods to get a feel for Tapatio traditions, while also making time to experience Guadalajara’s burgeoning food, art, and cultural scenes.
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Calle Federico Medrano 67, San Juan de Dios II, 44360 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
When in Guadalajara, be sure to visit the Arena Coliseo for Mexico’s own version of freestyle wrestling: lucha libre. Similar to WWE but even wilder, the sport provides hours of entertainment. Wrestlers wear dramatic outfits and masks, while rowdy...
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Calle José Guadalupe Zuno Hernández 2083, Obrera, 44140 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
Mexico’s most influential architect—and the only one toreceive the Pritzker Prize—Luis Barragán was born and trained in Guadalajara and practiced in the city until he was 34. He then moved toMexico City, where he achieved fame for his distinctive...
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Calle Cabañas 8, Las Fresas, San Juan de Dios, 44360 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
This 19th-century complex, originally built as a hospital for the disadvantaged, is host to an impressive display of modern art, most notably a series of frescoes by famous Mexican muralist Jose Clemente Orozco. The collection includes one of his...
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Calle 7 Colinas 1772, Independencia, 44379 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
Mexico is home to two fiercely opposing football clubs: Chivas (the country’s most popular team) and Atlas (which has only won a single league title, in 1951). The fan rivalry, which divides Guadalajara along class and neighborhood...
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Av. Dr. Roberto Michel 577, Rincón de La Agua Azul, 44460 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
Don’t remind the country’s rabid soccer fans, but Mexico’s official national sport is charreria, a Western-style riding and roping that’s best seen in Guadalajara. Visit in September, when the National Charro Championship draws competitors from...
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Av. Javier Mina S/N, San Juan de Dios, 44380 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
In operation since 1958, Mercado San Juan de Dios (also known as Mercado Libertad) is one of Mexico’s largest markets, with three floors and nearly 3,000 stands and stalls. Vendors sell everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to...
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Montes Pirineos 1930, Monumental, 44320 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
While it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, attending a bull fight at the Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso is a time-honored Sunday activity for many folks in Guadalajara. From the traje de luces (the matador’s flamboyant,...
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Doña Gabriela Pena Lozada 405, Hacienda San José del Refugio, 45380 Amatitán, Jal., Mexico
Visitors looking to tour Casa Herradura—the distillery that’s been making Tequila Herradura for more than 145 years—should hop aboard the new Tequila Herradura Express. The train leaves from Guadalajara and travels through...
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Av. Tonaltecas, Tonalá Centro, 45400 Tonalá, Jal., Mexico
Home to Mexico’s largest concentration of artisans, Tonalá—just 10 minutes from Tlaquepaque—is known for its pottery, hand-blown glassware, textiles, miniatures, and more. On Thursdays and Sundays, the town hosts an...
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Av. de la Paz 2207, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
A Madrid-based gallery that showcases some of Guadalajara’s best artists, Travesía Cuatro serves as a bridge between the European and Latin American art scenes. Perhaps more impressive than the work on display, however, is the...