Tonalá Artisan Market

Av. Tonaltecas, Tonalá Centro, 45400 Tonalá, Jal., Mexico

Home to Mexico’s largest concentration of artisans, Tonalá—just 10 minutes from Tlaquepaque—is known for its pottery, hand-blown glassware, textiles, miniatures, and more. On Thursdays and Sundays, the town hosts an open-air market, or tianguis, in its main plaza—and has since Prehispanic times—during which visitors can shop stalls from more than 400 craftspeople. If you can’t make it on market day, you’ll miss the hustle and bustle but can still visit the stores and family-run workshops where the artisans produce their unique wares.

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Browse the Craft Market at Tonalá

Between Thursday and Sunday each week, the streets around Avenida Tonaltecas in the Tonalá district become a lively market. You can shop for ceramics, wooden carvings, painted masks, candles and all kinds of crafts. Cheap and cheerful is the order of the day and you can pick up fun souvenirs. Snack on street food and make a day of it.

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