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Exploring Shanghai's Outskirts

Shanghai’s sprawling metro system makes reaching the city’s outlying destinations speedy and convenient. Several villages, islands, and attractions that offer a welcome respite from the bustle of the city are now just a few stops away from downtown. Be it a museum, a film studio or going to the source of the beloved xiaolongbao, it has never been easier to explore Shanghai’s outskirts.
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Jiading, Shanghai, China
With Shanghai’s sprawling metro system, this suburb is now a few short stops from downtown. Why would you want to make the trek out to Nanxiang? Well, among other reasons, it’s the home of xiaolongbao…those marvelous little soup filled pockets of...
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China, Shanghai Shi, Pudong Xinqu, 申港大道197号
A little outside of town, the city of Lingang is the handiwork of German architects GMP and the only city of this scale to be founded in the last century. While the city itself is slightly Stepford-esque, the Maritime Museum has some real heart. A...
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Chongming Island, Chongming, China
A two-hour trek from downtown will bring you to China's third-largest island, Chongming. Considered a "national geological park," the island is a known nature escape for city residents. While you're there, check out the Chongming Museum, stroll...
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Songjiang, China
If you travel out to the end of Line 9, you'll find yourself back in England. No kidding. Opened in 2006, this satellite city is part of the government's "One City, Nine Towns" initiative. While they intended to house up to 10,000 residents here...
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4915 Beisong Hwy, Chedunzhen, Songjiang Qu, Shanghai Shi, China
Make the trek out to Shanghai Film Studio for two reasons: 1) to wander Shanghai's Hollywood equivalent and stroll through the sets of some of China's most famous films (such as "Lust, Caution"), and 2) to experience an older, preserved version of...
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Minhang, Shanghai, China, 201101
Qibao, in Chinese, means 'seven treasures'. And a treasure it is. The closest water town to Shanghai, it holds both the charm of an ancient, canal-traversed village as well as one of the most famous food streets in Shanghai. Head to Qibao Old...
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She Shan, Songjiang, China
For a respite from the city's noise and smog, head out to She Shan. The 100m hill is a blissful retreat and an interesting cultural destination as well. European missionaries set up a small chapel here in the 1850s which was transformed into the...
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75 Gangbeng Alley, Songjiang Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201600
If you've made the trip to Thames Town or the Shanghai Film Studios, then you're already a bit familiar with the suburb of Songjiang. But beyond fabricated villages and recreated sets, Songjiang holds a fair amount of cultural charm as well. For a...
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China, Shanghai Shi, Songjiang Qu, 松江区辰花公路3888号
An impressive 200 hectares of greenery and over 900 species of plants await at the largest greenspace in Shanghai. Classical Chinese gardens, rose gardens showcasing rare and beautiful blooms, , gorgeous lilyponds, and a pagoda (post-hike) make...