Day Trips from Munich

With beautiful scenery, forested pathways, and historic taverns, the quieter side of Bavaria is accessible via convenient train service from Munich.

Klamm, 82481 Mittenwald, Germany
Legend has it that the Leutaschklamm is home to ghosts and goblins who live deep down in the gorge. Have a look for yourself, but even if you don’t find any, the scenic panoramic walkway on high bridges over roaring waters won’t leave you disappointed. The trail is more or less flat, and suitable for everyone capable of walking a couple of miles. If you’re feeling extra energetic you can walk the entire 7.5 mile trail.
Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau, Germany
The most famous castle in Germany—and one of the best known in Europe—Neuschwanstein is renowned not just for its fairy-tale architecture (which directly inspired the Disney Castle) but also for its creator, “mad” King Ludwig II. Begun in 1868, it wasn’t completed until four years after Ludwig’s death, in 1892, but was very advanced for its time, with larger-than-usual windows, central heating, an elevator, telephones, and indoor plumbing. However, it’s the castle’s mountaintop setting and soaring towers that really impress. When visiting, be sure to check out the paintings inspired by the operas of Richard Wagner—Ludwig’s friend and the person to whom he dedicated the castle. Also take in the stellar views from the Marienbrücke, and if you want to visit in style, consider a horse-drawn carriage ride back to your car. There’s a restaurant on-site, but plenty of cheaper options are in the town below.
Königssee, 83471 Schönau am Königssee, Germany
No matter the time of year you visit, Lake Königssee always inspires awe. Summer means shimmering water in shades of emerald and sage green, while winter brings a cold, misty atmosphere with otherworldly light. Take a boat ride along the pristine fjord, past rugged cliffs and the Baroque-style St. Bartholomew’s Church. When your guide plays his trumpet, listen for the magical echo from the mountains.
Bamberg, Germany
Famous for being Southern Germany’s hub of the Enlightenment during the late 18th century (Hegel and Hoffmann both lived here), Bamberg is also home to a superbly preserved medieval town center, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993. Here, visitors find an endless array of architectural styles, from Gothic and Renaissance to Baroque and neoclassical, all spread through three distinct areas: the episcopal town, the island town, and the market gardeners’ town.

The Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of St. Peter and St. George is Bamberg’s most prominent building (it’s home to the famous Bamberg Horseman statue, the tomb of Henry II and Cunigunde, and the only papal grave in Germany), but the New Palace and the Alte Hofhaltung Palace are also must-sees, as are the town hall, the tanners’ cottages, and “Little Venice,” a former fishermen’s village with half-timbered houses and tiny gardens. If you’re a suds fan, be sure to sample Bamberg’s famous smoked beer before leaving.
Innsbrucker Str. 13, 82481 Mittenwald, Germany
Some friends had been hiking in Austria in May and had to cut the trip short because of an unexpected blizzard. After all day hiking in the snow and not prepared for it, we came to a hut that was open to guests run by a woman named Helga. Helga didn’t speak a word of English, but she served us some delicious Mittenwald beer, that tasted like the best in the world. So a few days later, we decided we had to go to the source of this magical elixir, the town of Mittenwald in Bavaria. We went to the brewery and met the proprietors of the restaurant associated with the brewery, Postkeller, where we thought we would have a couple of tastes. Instead, it turned into an all-day affair. We tested the many different varieties of Mittenwald, and our hosts cooked up a roast for us, and we had a great evening of laughs with them.
85221 Dachau, Germany
This small Bavarian village is best known for its horrible history during the Holocaust, with the concentration camp on the outskirts of the village. But Dachau has another side—a quaint, quiet place that appears to come from a story book.
Herrsching, Germany
Herrsching is a lovely, small town in Bavaria, Germany on Lake Ammersee, about 30 minutes southwest of Munich. It is perfect if you are seeking a relaxed day trip from Munich or a longer stay to unwind from the stresses of daily life. A former fishing village, the town’s current local population is 8,000 year-round and 13,000 in summer. Herrsching is popular for its easy access to watersports (sailing, swimming, paddleboarding, etc), hiking, biking and Andechs, the Benedictine monastery and brewery which is a popular day trip from Munich. The town has a quiet waterfront with a 5-mile promenade that offers a small section for lakeside dining - perfect in the summer months. Sitting by the water under the shady trees, it is the perfect environment to enjoy a romantic dinner in a simple, tranquil setting. For those seeking quiet and a laid-back atmosphere, Herrsching delivers.
3 Thundorferstraße
In the medieval city of Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Bavaria, the Wurstkuchl tavern has been operating for over 500 years. The tavern is situated beside the town’s Old Stone Bridge and directly on the banks of the Danube. During the Middle Ages, Wurstkuchl began serving hot, home-cooked meals to stonemasons and dockworkers. Over the centuries, the menu’s focus changed to a secret-recipe, chargrilled pork sausage. The small sausages are served steaming hot with a side of sauerkraut (fermented in Wurstkuchl’s cellar). With a light sear on the outside, the sausages give a satisfying snap when you bite into them. Tangy sauerkraut and cold, crisp beers perfectly offset the richness of the sausages. The setting can’t be beat—a stone terrace with a view of the historic bridge and Danube River. In 2013, historic flooding overwhelmed Regensburg. Be sure to look for the high-water mark on the side of the tavern!
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