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12 Must-Do Experiences in London

London’s cultural, historical and culinary wonders distilled to a list of 12 must-do, must-see experiences. Wander through the city’s best museums, hunt down London’s literati on foot and walk a little-known path through the city. Use London’s iconic Tube to discover cool neighbourhoods, trendy shopping districts, historic sights and world-class theatre venues. An evening boat trip along the Thames is one of the best experiences in London.
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Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 5BD, UK
These are the museums that all British children within schooltrip distance of London have visited at some point, and they're just as much fun for adults. The Natural History museum, Science Museum, and Victoria & Albert museum are clustered...
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Hampstead Heath is a legend: 800 acres of wide-open space dotted with ponds, woods, walking tracks, and the odd stately home. North Londoners take pride in this place, where you will find dog walkers, picnickers, Saturday soccer players, and hardy...
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Tower Bridge, United Kingdom
This is a landmark that is so familiar, so often seen, that to visit it -- even for the first time -- feels almost ordinary. You know the Tower Bridge. You've seen it in storybooks and on movie screens. You get it. Right? Nope. Because even if it...