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London Eye

Get Your Eye on London's Best View
London is an incredibly crowded city and when it comes to tourist attractions, it may seem difficult to snag a good view of Big Ben and Parliament. Rise above the crowds and grab a slow and quiet ride on the London Eye, London's famous Ferris wheel along the River Thames. Your air-conditioned and roomy capsule awaits to give you spectacular and unobstructed views of London. Get there early to avoid the lines and don't waste your precious pounds on your own capsule. Encapsulate yourself with other travelers for a more affordable fare. Sit or stand and watch the crowds disappear below you.
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Ride the London Eye
The London Eye is a 443-foot tall observation wheel towering over the city.

Buy tickets ($30) in advance online, or when you arrive. I visited on a mild Sunday morning in January and waited in line only a few minutes to purchase a ticket, and was in a rotating capsule less than ten minutes later.

The peaceful ride lasts 25 minutes and provides views as far as 25-miles on clear days.

London trip report: http://bit.ly/1gZcVuX
Ride the London Eye London  United Kingdom

Dine on the London Eye
There is nothing quite like the combination of chocolates, sparkling wine, and your lover with a stunning panorama of London in the background. The London Eye offers a private capsule, befittingly titled Cupid's Capsule, for anyone looking to make the ultimate romantic gesture. It is the perfect way to spend a special occasion, be it an anniversary or a birthday.

Try spotting London's iconic landmarks as your private capsule rotates around the London Eye. A personal host ensures an unforgettable experience that is bound to enthral you for years to come.

Dine on the London Eye London  United Kingdom

On Top Of The World
The London Eye has become an iconic image for London and deserves it. At 443 feet tall, this mammoth wheel gives you incredible views of London. The South Bank of the River Thames around Jubilee Gardens is a fantastic place for taking a walk and doing some people watching.

In Waterloo Station look for the signs directing you towards Jubilee Gardens, you'll see the eye from there.

On Top Of The World London  United Kingdom

On Top of the World
Loved the experience of the London Eye. The views are breathtaking and it's fun for young and old alike. Do get your tickets online so you can avoid the massive lines.
On Top of the World  London  United Kingdom

This picture was taken aboard the London Eye of the House of Parliament and "Big Ben". It perfectly captured what London was for me, with all of its old world charm standing out in a very modern city. Along with the persistent fog and gloomy clouds, the whole place just seemed to be under a magic spell and you cannot help feeling lost (but in a good way) just by walking around among the packed crowds, seeing the swirling activities, and sampling the insane variety of cuisines. It is a beautiful city to lose yourself in.
Spellbound London  United Kingdom

London Eye
center of London
London Eye London  United Kingdom

We had been soaking in London by taking the tube and running around. This was a moment to sit back (30 minutes to be exact) and enjoy the view. On a clear day you can see pretty far. Oh just make sure you don't get stuck with crazy kids!
Views London  United Kingdom

View from the London Eye
There are all sorts of places to get a great view of London. One of them is from inside one of the glass capsules of the London Eye. The glass walls and glass part in the center of the floor provide a great perspective of both sides of the Thames.
View from the London Eye London  United Kingdom

Down the Thames
A walk along the banks of the Thames River in London is extra special when the light is right.
Down the Thames London  United Kingdom

London Eye Sunrise
As the sun began to peak its way through the early morning sky, I pulled out my camera to capture the rarely seen calm of an always busy scene.
London Eye Sunrise London  United Kingdom

The Eye is Worth It
The last time I was in London I was finally convinced to pay the £25 (or whatever it costs) to ride the London Eye. I'm so glad I did! Even though it seems ridiculously overpriced and it is crowded with tourists, the view from the top is worth it! Even if you only do it once, treat yourself to this sky high view of the city.
The Eye is Worth It London  United Kingdom

Lightening up the Thames, London eye
Taking a stroll along one of my favorite places in London, the Thames. I was surprised the sun sets at 4pm in December and had plenty of time to practice my night shot photography skills. I love the cloudy sky and the various shades of blues reflecting on the River Thames.
Lightening up the Thames, London eye London  United Kingdom

On Top of the World, Looking Down on Creature
With Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background one feels quite on top of the world.

We were quite fortunate to be friends with the late Richard, Lord Acton, who spent half a year doing his duty in London and the other half of the year in his adopted Iowa. On a couple of occasions we were his guests in the members' dining room for tea. When Lord Acton was called way to vote, he put us in the capable hands of an archivist who guided us up the tiny elevator of the Victoria tower. We entered a room filled to the max with historic documents. Richard had told the archivist to show us something that would interest these American friends. And that is how I came to be given a scroll of vellum. When I removed the "red tape" that encircled it, I found that I was holding the actual authentic, artifact ---- the Stamp Act ---so significant in English and American history.

Look around London from the London Eye and find your own adventures. Who knows what YOU will find in this ---there are plenty to be had.

On Top of the World, Looking Down on Creature London  United Kingdom

London at Sunset
On a recent trip to London I took a ride on the eye for the first time and it truly does give you breathtaking views. It was a rather cloudy day with the sun breaking through here and there. I managed to grab this shot before all traces of the sun were gone and the day was done. The London Eye is a must if only once. I really do love London!
London at Sunset London  United Kingdom

Welcome to London
What do you do first when you visit a new city? My absolute favorite thing to do to get my bearings is to find a local market (get a little coffee and a bite of local food) then walk and walk until I can't stay awake any longer. In London that meant a trip to Borough Market then a brisk walk along the Thames, punctuated by a visit to the Tate Modern and a brief rain shower. When Big Ben and Parliament finally came into view it felt like a reward. Not only was the jet lag kept at bay, but I got a picture perfect introduction to London.
Welcome to London London  United Kingdom

Sunny, brilliant blue skies in London, a rare sight.
Bank holiday weekend.
Sunny, brilliant blue skies in London, a rare sight. London  United Kingdom

Big Blue Eye
A beautifully lit pathway leading up to the London Eye. The ferris wheel didn't evoke any feelings during the day, but after I took the last ride of the day and nightfall approached, it looked and felt strikingly different.
Big Blue Eye London  United Kingdom

About The London Eye
Imagine being a bird and looking down at a gorgeous and sprawling city from your Birdseye vantage point. In London you don’t have to imagine!

Built in 1999, it is a recent addition to the London skyline. Even so, it is very popular amongst the tourists in London.

It is sight to see even as it is but a ride in it is a lifetime experience. London Eye is a giant wheel observation wheel that turns slow enough for people to go on board while it is moving.

The complete turn of this giant wheel takes about more than 30 minutes. It is about 135 meters high. Go for a night view, as it is more spectacular and it is comparatively less crowded.
5 days in London Itinerary will help you to know more about it.

Public Transport
1] Bus No. 77, 211 and 381
2] Waterloo and Charring Cross for trains.

Eat Outs
1] Eye Gillray’s Steakhouse and Grill
2] Las Iguanas
3] Eat Cafe
About The London Eye London  United Kingdom

London's big wheel
The giant ferris wheel on the south bank of the Thames is made up of 32 futuristic glass capsules - all of which are sealed, air-conditioned and big enough to house 25 guests. Riding the attraction is effectively being stuck in a bubble, albeit one that offers 40km views in all directions (see if you can spot Windsor Castle in the farthest distance on a clear day). This is the wheel that never stops turning, and while views at the top are stunning, you won't feel the ascent/descent: the Eye does one full rotation every 30 minutes, and turns so slowly passengers walk on and off at ground level. Curiously there is no capsule 13; since the number is thought to be bad luck, its been replaced in the lineup by the infamous no.33.

Lambeth, London SE1 7PB, UK
+44 870 990 8881
Sun - Sat 11am - 6pm