Minneapolis–Saint Paul
From kitsch to craft, the Twin Cities spike their food and drink with playful creativity. Whether sipping a margarita on a Ferris wheel at Betty Dangers or blowing liquid nitrogen smoke with a James Beard–nominated chef at Travail Kitchen and Amusements, family-run diners and fine-dining establishments alike know how to add the right ratio of friendly fun to the mix. Unique variations of Midwestern classics like the Jucy Lucy (cheese-stuffed burger) and Hotdish (casserole) have become novelty favorites, so make sure to indulge. The Twin Cities aren’t all meat and potatoes, though: A large immigrant population has broadened the cities’ palette with flavors from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Craft beer and cocktails are commonplace, with relaxed regulations incentivizing breweries and distilleries to open at increasingly rapid rates. Local coffee roasters and cafes are following a similar trajectory.