Visitors to Aspen enjoy a wonderfully diverse range of cultural activities. The Aspen Institute brings to town the best and brightest minds from around the world for seminars, workshops, and lectures. Take in a remarkable performance by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet or see Theater in the Park. Music lovers can enjoy the sounds of classical music in the summer and jazz throughout the year. Art aficionados may choose to explore exhibits at the Aspen Art Museum, a phenomenal repository of contemporary art, or tour the numerous galleries around Aspen⎯or both!

Aspen knows how to entertain, with a surplus of events and festivals throughout the year. One signature winter festival is Winterskol, Aspen’s “toast to winter.” A weeklong celebration of Aspen living with everything from ice-sculpture contests to dog shows, it finishes with fireworks cascading over Aspen Mountain. Summer is packed with festivals, some nights even proffering a double bill of entertainment. The fun begins with the Food & Wine Festival in June and doesn’t end till the JAS Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival.