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Yoder's Amish Home

Churn Butter Once or Twice, Yoder's Amish Home, Millersburg, Ohio, USA.
Admit it - you've always wondered what it would be like to live in an Amish Paradise.

You yearn for the simple life - you lay awake at night wishing you could toss your cell phone out the window, yet you find yourself playing one more game of angry birds. When you're stuck in traffic you dream of raising a barn. When you look at your naked face in the mirror, you wish you could grow a mighty beard.

At Yoder's Amish Home you can do all these things - if only for a few hours. And you roll around the compound grounds in a horse and buggy, so that counts for bonus points.

I love Amish country - and so should you. This is a slice of pure Americana.
6050 OH-515, Millersburg, OH 44654, USA
+1 330-893-2541
Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm