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Eberswalder Str. 4, 10437 Berlin, Germany
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Unique Berlin Experience: Night Out at the Späti Berlin  Germany

Unique Berlin Experience: Night Out at the Späti

Often a part of just about any night out in Berlin—whether you’re clubbing or just hanging out with friends—a stop at a local spätkauf (or affectionally, a späti) is a must. They're essentially convenience stores, open long hours and selling drinks and snacks. But the fact that they're all over the city and that they're quick, cheap and easy makes them a popular pit stop on the way out, or on the way home.

I'm not exaggerating: There is at least one späti on every street. I’ve paid as little as 60 euro cents for a beer from a spaeti before. People (drunk tourists and locals alike) typically stop in a späti on their way out, on their way home, or on their way anywhere.

In a city where public drinking isn’t policed (you can even get away with drinking on the subways, though be advised that there are rules against it), beers-to-go are popular. Many spaetis even have benches out front where you're welcome to sit and enjoy your drinks—making it a cheap alternative to a bar or club so long as you like bottled beer.