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Pop Culture in Shibuya
Shibuya is a center of Japanese fashion, culture, color, noise, and light. Harajuku girls? They're in Shibuya. Manga? Find it in Shibuya. Biggest scramble crossing in the world? Sit at the Starbucks in Shibuya and marvel at the madness below. You want contact lenses that turn your eyes purple and the best ramen soup of your life and to find out what the kids are wearing these days? Head down to Shibuya, the cultural crossroads of Tokyo.
Shop until the Kids Drop
Harajuku, Tokyo Dome, and Odaiba are Tokyo’s kid friendly shopping hubs. The winding, narrow streets of Harajuku hide a multitude of cutesy shops including Kiddy Land Harajuku, which sells heaps of Hello Kitty goodies. Tokyo Dome City surrounds Tokyo’s baseball stadium and has over seventy shops, an amusement park, a large indoor playground, and a bowling alley. Odaiba has a variety of shopping complexes including Decks, which has indoor theme parks, Aquacity, with Fuji Television’s kids café, and Venus Fort, which has an interior inspired by medieval Europe.

Shop until the Kids Drop Tokyo  Japan

Times Square goes to a Rave
The best way to see Shibuya? By night! Stride the streets a bit, then choose your preferred coffee shop, find a perch and watch the night-life swirl past.
Times Square goes to a Rave Tokyo  Japan

Main crossing in front of Shibuya Station
JAN 2013. One of many trips to my second home. Spent a free Saturday walking about 16 miles around Tokyo with no specific aim or direction, just following the sites.
Main crossing in front of Shibuya Station Tokyo  Japan

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan