Saint Vitus Cathedral

The facade of St. Vitus Cathedral
In Prague, the grand St. Vitus Cathedral is a wonder to see. Unfortunately it's lack of space outside makes it difficult to grab a good shot of the front of the building, so many have to settle for close-ups of the details.

Surprisingly, this facade was created in the 1920s by sculptor Vojtěch Sucharda. One would think it would have been a longer time ago.
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Interior of St. Vitus Cathedral
The interior of St. Vitus Cathedral is a prime example of a truth Gothic church. Large, grand, and made to make the patron feel small compared to God.

While the stained-glass windows do illuminate, the cathedral was still quite dim. Seems like such a dark and menacing place to celebrate faith.
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Gargoyle on St. Vitus Cathedral
Due to how difficult it is to get a full shot of the front of St. Vitus Cathedral, your best bet is to grab some of the smaller details, like this gargoyle.
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