77522 Overseas Highway

If you make just one stop along the Overseas Highway on your way through the Florida Keys from Miami to Key West, make it Robbie’s. The attraction dates back nearly two decades, when the owners of the small marina and restaurant here started feeding a struggling tarpon they named Scarface. Once he recovered, it’s said, he came back with friends. And now, anyone with a bit of bravery (and a few bucks to spare for the bait) can dangle a fish over the side of the docks and watch the enormous fish erupt from the water to grab them. Once you’ve had enough of all that excitement, dine on fish tacos, cracked conch, and shrimp burritos at the waterfront bar and restaurant.

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Hungry Tarpon

Never heard of tarpon, and certainly never thought I’d feed them for fun, dangling off a pier somewhere in the Keys. These fish are humongous (easily 6-8 feet long!)...and extremely hungry. Grab your bait bucket for $3 and get to work. Robbie’s Marina is located at mile marker 77.5 bayside in Islamorada.

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