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Praia Castelejo

Stones, Rocks, Boulders, and Cliffs
Each time I visit this beach, I am enchanted anew. These beautiful sands, sea, and cliffs are exotic.

I sit on the sand watching swimmers, surfers, boaters, and fishermen. I watch the birds happily flying around. I stare at the brilliant blue sky with its puffy clouds gliding by. And I gape at the huge cliffs that tower over all of us.I collect the rare rocks with white stripes running through the stone that are unique to the area.

This is Castelejo Beach on the western coast of Portugal where there are many rugged, wild beaches.

From Lagos, you go west to Vila do Bispo and follow the signs to this beach. The road is rugged and narrow and ends just above the beach with a parking lot.

Get a good map of the area at your hotel.

Hungry? The Castelejo Restaurant is at the top of the path to the beach. This restaurant serves octopus dishes and other fresh seafood.

If you are there at sunset you will be lucky enough to see this gorgeous beach bathed in glowing light.

Try to visit this beach when in the western Algarve.
Castelejo's Huge Cliffs
My husband and I were amazed at the sight of the huge black cliffs at Castelejo Beach in the western Algarve. The cliffs are towering black schist formations that are very steep. They are composed of several layers of sediment.

This beach is wild at high tide and the surfers love it. While it is a popular surfer beach, swimmers and sun lovers also enjoy this unusual spot.

Castelejo is an unusually stunning beach especially when you view the black cliffs above the golden sand with the sapphire sea rolling onto the beach. The rocks glow with their the iridescent green moss. The azure sky almost hurts the eyes with its vibrant hue. The sun shines down on the entire scene. The restaurant is the place to take a break from the strong sun.

We look forward to returning once again to this exotic, beautiful beach on the western coast of Algarve.
Castelejo's Huge Cliffs Vila do Bispo  Portugal

Praia Castelejo, Portugal