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Parliament Hill

The view from Parliament Hill
Take a look around the back of Parliament Hill and you will find stunning views of the Gatineau Hills, the Ottawa River, the National Gallery and Victoria Island. Descend the 273 steps to the riverside and you can make your way back up again next to the locks at the entrance of the Rideau Canal. Alternatively, the path extends for long distances in both directions—all the way to the Prime Minister's residence heading East and past Westboro Beach going West. Travelers in Ottawa often visit the eternal flame, take a tour inside Parliament, ascend the Peace Tower, or checkout the cat sanctuary but it is worth veering off the path here.
Yoga on Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Dotted across the perfectly manicured lawns on Ottawa's Parliament Hill people donning bright colours - hot pinks, lime greens and royal purples - and lyrcra were beginning to dot themselves across the lawns.

"What's going on over there?" voices behind me were discussing the fluro-clad people unfurling mats and stretching in the Canadian sun.
"Oh, there's yoga each week on Parliament Hill. Wanna join in?"

Curious I climbed over the rope fence and sat down on the grass stretching, a jean clad figured amongst those who were well prepared.

As the bell tower struck twelve a voice came over the microphone welcoming us to days yoga event and quickly getting us to warm up.
An hour we spent twisting and stretching into poses as the cities traffic passed by, people stopped to watch or politicians held press conferences, trying to be heard over the music and encouragement that was given to us by our instructor and assisting team.

I'd never tried yoga but I felt somewhat refreshed when the session finished - it's good to get out and enjoy a warm summers day, especially when you can participate in a free event like yoga on Parliament Hill.


Parliament Hill Yoga begins at 12pm and lasts 1hr each Wednesday.
Just bring your mat, water and comfortable clothes.
Check Lululemon Athletica Rideau Centre's Facebook page for the latest information about Parliament Hill yoga.
Yoga on Parliament Hill, Ottawa Ottawa  Canada

Presenting Mosaika!
Grab a lawn chair or blanket and sit on Parliament's lawn to experience the story of Canada. Every night at 10pm from July to September, the production Mosaika utilizes music, English and French narrative, dazzling imagery, and lighting effects to project Canada's proud heritage, culture, geography, people, and history on the Centre Block of the Parliament buildings. No cost to witness this spectacular 30 minute display of light and sound, but do arrive at least an hour early to ensure a decent viewing spot.
Presenting Mosaika! Ottawa  Canada

Parliament Hill and Buildings
The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa are a great place to learn about the history of the city. Whether you take the tour or just wander around the grounds, there is plenty to see and discover.
Parliament Hill and Buildings Ottawa  Canada

Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A4, Canada
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Mon - Thur 8:30am - 6pm
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