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Refshalevej 96, 1432 København K, Denmark
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Lunch at Noma København K  Denmark
Unforgettable Dining in Copenhagen København K  Denmark
Surreal Dining at Noma Copenhagen  Denmark
Lunch at Noma Copenhagen  Denmark
Wild duck Copenhagen  Denmark
Lunch at Noma København K  Denmark
Unforgettable Dining in Copenhagen København K  Denmark
Surreal Dining at Noma København K  Denmark
Lunch at Noma København K  Denmark
Wild duck København K  Denmark

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Tue - Sat 5pm - 12am

Unforgettable Dining in Copenhagen

Noma closed its Copenhagen location at the end of 2016.

Ranked the #1 restaurant in the world for years running, a meal at Noma is a must-have experience for anyone interested in food. Course after course (we stopped counting at about 17) of inventive and unique tastes are delivered to your table and explained by the chef who cooked it as your wine glass is constantly refilled. Plan for a full afternoon or evening (3-4 hours). Securing a reservation takes some doing and usually must be done months in advance but it is worth the effort.

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over 4 years ago

Surreal Dining at Noma

Noma restaurant, Denmark’s sole Michelin two-star establishment, has claimed the title of BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for the past three years. It is known for its innovative and inventive approach to Nordic cuisine. Not too stuffy. The decor is what I expect from the Danes: understated, natural, classy, slightly Beowulf: light pouring in from the waterfront, wood floor, exposed brick and beams, simple chairs draped in wooly animal skins (?). The menu consists of three prix-fixe options ranging from “Noma’s lunch menu for the busy” to the 12-course, four-hour option. Denmark & The Danes: http://bit.ly/15aiVrj
about 3 years ago

Lunch at Noma

Mahogany clam served at Noma restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark. They are over 100 years old and they grow in the frigid waters around the Faroe Islands. Divers hand pick them for Noma and they serve them raw. Gorgeous!
about 3 years ago

Lunch at Noma

Does the Noma menu deserve the hype? Yes it does! This is not just food; it is art experienced on multiple dimensions. It’s delicious, filling and beautifully presented. The earth to the table concept is present in all 18 dishes with food coming from beaches, forests, the sea, and local farms. Each one is unique and unforgettable. Everything was amazing but what truly stood out for me were the fermented plum and wild beach roses where every bite tasted different, and the sea urchin and hazelnuts. I will never forget the taste of the sea and it’s creaminess. The mahogany clam, the sliced squid, and the pumpkin with beechnuts, caviar and roses were also big hits on my pallet. The deserts were unique with flavors that have no comparison in my dinning experience. The chocolate was better and more interesting that everything else I’ve ever tasted.
about 3 years ago

Wild duck

The main course at Noma surpassed all my expectations. The miso wild duck (mallard) was roasted first at the breast area. Perfect roast and sliced and ready to roll in the pressed cabbage leaves that came with it. After we finished the breast it was taken back to continue roasting and the remaining parts were then served a second time. Everything is edible including the duck brain. Very creamy.
Eating at Noma is definitely an unforgettable experience.