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Lake Ngozi

Hike the Ngozi Crater Lake
Lake Ngozi is the second largest crater lake in Africa, located approximately 38 kilometers south of Mbeya in the Mporoto Ridge Forest Reserve. It is home to many species of chattering monkeys, birds, and chameleons, some of which are endemic to this area.

A staggering million years old, the dazzling, emerald-green crater lake is surrounded by lush vegetation, tea plantations, and tumbling waterfalls. It is easy to see how its mystical appearance has conjured up local traditional stories, like that of a giant serpent living in the deep waters alongside the legendary Rain God.

Trekking to the crater is no mean feat, as there are no accessible roads and it is a steep ascent. But the heavenly view from the top of the rim is breathtaking, as you summit and catch your first glimpse of this magical lake.

Lake Ngozi, Tanzania