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Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament
The splendor of this neo-Gothic parliament building—the third-largest parliament building in the world—is obvious from the outside, but consider these facts: This place has 691 interior rooms, 10 courtyards, 88 statues of Hungarian rulers on its facade, and 12.5 miles of staircases. The outside is stunning but the inside doesn't disappoint, either: King Steven's crown jewels are on display within, as are rooms filled with art and crafts made throughout the ages. Take a guided tour to get more context of it all, and don't miss passing by the building at night, when it's lit up like a Disney palace.
The main tower of the Parliament House
There is just too much of this buildings to capture nicely in one photo, but I wanted to get a good glimpse of this ornate Gothic building.
The main tower of the Parliament House Budapest  Hungary

Budapest, City of Lights
You haven't seen Budapest until you see it by boat at night. I had a chance to take a night cruise down the Danube and it was incredible. The city gets lit up, from the Parliament building in the Pest district to the Palace in Buda, and the views are like something out of a dream.

Cigar Democracy
In Hungary's largest building, Parliament, on the Danube, is a spectacular sight both in and out. The interior, which has almost 700 rooms, is worth a visit, especially a guided tour of the Congress hall and National Assembly. My experience of touring is often memorable for the small details, something seldom featured in guide books. On entering the Assembly, one of those small details jumped out: a row of cigar holders, for legislators deliberating on their decisions and politicking outside the Assembly. A rich detail was the way in which they were numbered, so that they could be revisited before the votes were decided. Made me wish oddly, as a non-smoker, that I knew the word for cigar in Hungarian.

Hungarian Parliament at night
In a night tour on the Danube River, it proved that this city is one of the greatest city for night lights, in the world.
Hungarian Parliament at night Budapest  Hungary

Most beautiful parliament building
The Hungarian Parliament building looks lovely viewed from across the river but its halls are even more impressive inside. Book a ticket for one of the guided tours and roam the majestic halls.

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