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Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

I saw this exquisite chalk drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady With An Ermine on the ground in one of the main plazas in Firenze. It started drizzling and I just had to take this photo before the rain washed it away!

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Lady with an Ermine in Florence

I saw this exquisite chalk drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady With An Ermine on the ground in one of the main plazas in Firenze. It started drizzling and I just had to take this photo before the rain washed it away!

The Place to Paint

Not far from where the Renaissance began, in the heart of Firenze, artists can be seen creating seemingly anywhere.

A Work on the Street

Since driving has essentially become illegal in the center part of Firenze (aside from Vespas), artists and aspiring artists often display their work on the streets, literally.

Window shopping in Florence

Window shopping in Florence is second to none. With each new window, you uncover new surprises.

Street art in Florence

Street art in Florence

Sunset in Florence

Sunset in Florence

Study abroad in Florence

An abundance of homemade food prepared by a woman who spoke no English; exploring the city on foot; learning metalworking in a local studio; learning about art on Monday and seeing it in person on Wednesday; table wine (Spring 2004)

Wine Tours in Florence

I guess drinking a lot of wine does effect photographing things and places.

Clean Shoes

While wandering through Florence this May with my husband, I came across this window where freshly-washed shoes were drying. I loved that the windows in Italy served multiple purposes, both aesthetic and utilitarian: a charming provider of light and air flow, and a convenient shelf for drying clothes.

Art Student

While wandering through one of Florence‘s many art museums, I came across what I can only assume was an art student. I loved how she had sought out the one patch of sunshine coming into the building. I was struck by the look of intense concentration on her face as she worked on her project.

Beautiful Shadow

Wandering through beautiful Florence, I crossed a bridge and came across this fleur-de-lis pattern cast in shadow by the setting sun. Even the most mundane, utilitarian objects - like bridges - are practically pieces of art themselves in this amazing city.

Ritual - Buying provisions

It’s a miracle of nature that after walking to town and buying a different bread every morning, I could still walk.

Unlikely Art: A Real Person

When I first saw this guy and a couple of his friends, I had to do a double take. I didn’t know, at first glance, that they weren’t actual statues. Then I looked closer and realized that he was indeed a real person dressed as one of the many statues that you see all over Italy. He stood very still - eyes closed - and I took a couple of images. I thought it was very cool. And I give him kudos for holding still.

Gelato Cocktails at the Firenze Gelato Festival

Just came back from Florence, Italy and had no idea this week was their Gelato Festival. What luck! For about 15 Euros you get a card with 5 samples of gelato, a gelato cocktail, and admission to some seminars and cooking demonstrations. Pictured here are our mojito gelato cocktails.

On the Outside, Wishing I Was Inside

Wandering through Florence with my husband, we happened by a restaurant that was setting up for a large lunch party. The antipasto plate at each seat - piled with rich meats, cheeses, and vegetables - looked so enticing, and we were so hungry, that we desperately wanted to have lunch at the restaurant. But, sadly, we weren’t invited to the party. Luckily delicious food like this isn’t hard at all to find in Florence, and soon we were able to settle down over a similar spread for a wonderful al fresco lunch. There’s nothing better than taking in the amazing scenery of Florence and people watching over a leisurely Italian meal.


Spending a week in Florence and I’ve decided to do what the locals do; Salty crackers, soft brie cheese and sweet figs. Sometimes the simple things are the best


I’m not a big fan of anchovies. In fact, I’m not a fan at all, but the colors of this anchovies cans grabbed my attention in a local supermarket in Florence, that I had to buy a can.

Enjoying Lemoncello in Florence

Florence can unfortunately be a pricey place when you’re looking to enjoy a good lunch. But look no further than I Fratellini, which offers a nice selection of fresh, delicious sandwiches, all of which are surprisingly affordable by Florentine standards. The other great thing about I Fratellini, aside from its must-try sandwiches, is the variety of tasty limoncellos it offers. A concoction of lemon zest, sugar, and grain spirits, limoncello made with lemons from the Amalfi Coast is arguably the best, and you can find several varieties here. If you want to try something uniquely Italian, stop by a local fiaschetteria and ask for a sip of a high-quality limoncello—a taste of Italy’s famous “la dolce vita.”

The Walkable City

To get the major attractions in “Firenze” is it better to walk around instead of sitting in Italian traffic. Walking can be a pain, but the sights to be seen are totally worth it.

Rialto Bridge, Florence, Italy

A beautiful fall stroll towards Rialto Bridge and some amazing shopping!

The Original Artists' Enclave

Florence is bursting with artistic expression. Among the Michelangelo sculptures and Bramante architecture are the living street artists. Wander off the beaten path and throw a few Euros to today’s working masters.

Florence Captivates at Every Turn

No matter how long your stay in Florence, some of the “must sees” are exactly that - must sees. Don’t pass up on viewing the Duomo’s splendid interior and the amazing view from atop the dome. The Uffizi, Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, Boboli Gardens... all are so worth your time, if you have some. However, some of the simplest pleasures are practically underfoot. The street vendors, particularly the vegetable/fruit stands abound with activity, and for me, stir the senses in a way that the magnificent, yet static Florence gems can’t quite replicate. Without question, it’s impossible not to be in awe of this amazing Italian city, regardless of what you choose to take in...

Art/Architecture/History Tour

We took Artviva’s - “The Original Evening Walk - Haunting Florence Tour” which was light on the haunting but absolutely fascinating in terms of history, architecture, and modern street art. The guide pointed out a number of small graffiti like art pieces as we walked thru the city. Then the evening ended with the italian “apertivo” of wine and snacks at a bar. Great tour.

Touching moment

Best hug ever haha

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