Desa Pandan

Ramadan Bazaar: Double Chocolate Treat
This stall was selling moist chocolate cake. When we ordered some, the lady doused our cake with a thick chocolate sauce. Needless to say, it was sinfully scrumptious!
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Ramadan Bazaar: Jellies Galore!
We were amazed to see the vast variety of jellies (or agar-agar) on offer. Apart from the usual Malay ingredients of coconut milk and palm sugar, there were jellies filled with sliced oranges, lychees, pineapples, strawberries and even cakes and Oreo cookies!
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Ramadan Bazaar: Local Delights
Curry puffs (in the foreground) are a favourite amongst Malaysians. The other delicious snacks at this stall include chocolate doughnuts and various Malay cakes (or 'kueh').
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Ramadan Bazaar: Barbecued Lamb
We arrived relatively early at the bazaar, and this man was just about to start carving his barbecued lamb.
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Ramadan Bazaar: Chicken on a Stick
'Ayam Percik' is a Malay dish which mixes a special sauce (the 'percik') with the chicken ('ayam'). It's usually eaten with rice.

But here the grilled chickens are sold on sticks, sort of like a huge satay. Even though they all looked the same to me at first, the difference in price is down to the parts of the chicken: the breasts cost MYR 3.00 and the thighs cost MYR 6.00.
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Ramadan Bazaar: What Colour Would You Like to Drink?
During the fasting month, and especially in a hot country like Malaysia, the first thing you want to search for are drinks. Many stalls sell drinks at the bazaar. It's just a matter of which colour you fancy. Purple Yam? Orange Sour Plum? Or Yellow Corn?
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Ramadan Bazaar: Grilled Fish
This lady is hard at work grilling fish. This dish, called 'ikan bakar' (literally 'grilled fish'), is very popular and can be found at many street food vendors anytime throughout the year, not just in the month of Ramadan.

Apart from fish, stingray is also used and is a favorite among the locals (that's what she's grilling with her left hand).
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Ramadan Bazaar: All Packed and Ready to Go
This stall is selling Chicken Rice (or 'Nasi Ayam'), all packed and ready for you to take away. Each box contains rice cooked in chicken stock, roast chicken and salad.

The orange rice at the back is Tomato Rice with fried chicken.
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Ramadan Bazaar: Grilled Squid
By the time we saw this stall selling grilled squid, we had already bought too much food to take home. So we had to forgo this for another day :(
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Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia