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Chinesischer Turm

Englischer Garten
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Beer Gardens of Munich

One of the most enjoyable things you can do in Munich is sit down at a bench in one of the many beautiful beer gardens, which serve as familiar gathering points for locals, friends, and visitors alike. The beer is top-notch, and the atmosphere warm and friendly—it's impossible not to have a good time.

The second largest beer garden in Munich is under a tall pagoda, the Chinesischer Turm, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Englisher Garten.

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AFAR Ambassador
almost 7 years ago

Munich's Best Beer Garden

The Englischer Garten (or English Garden) is Munich's most beautiful public park. And with 910 acres, it is Europe's largest city park and a wonderful place for a relaxing stroll, brisk jog or easy bike ride. The park is named for its English-style informal landscaping and includes a Japanese teahouse, a children's carousel, horse carriage rides, a Greek temple, surfing on a permanent wave in the river and an area for nude sunbathing!

There is also a Chinesischer Turm, or Chinese Tower. The 5-story pagoda was originally built in 1790 and rebuilt in 1952 after a fire. In the 19th century, up to 5,000 servants of Munich's noble families would meet here on Saturday mornings before work for a dance. Today, the festive Kocherlball takes place every July to celebrate those workers.

Best of all, the pagoda sits in the center of Munich's second-largest beer garden, which seats 7,000. The atmosphere is very convivial, with tables filled with groups of locals and tourists enjoying the city's best beer and the largest pretzels I have ever seen. Everyone is in a celebratory mood, soaking in the city's warm and welcoming atmosphere. A brass band (on weekends) further adds to the Bavarian atmosphere. Even on the busiest weekend, you will have no problem finding a seat.

I really loved Munich - the city has so much culturally to offer, and its beer gardens were absolutely wonderful places to spend a few hours at any time of day.