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Café Schwarzenberg

Warm Up with Hot Chocolate
When it’s December, cold and raw in Vienna, and you’ve been wandering the streets (perhaps a bit lost in search of say, Hotel Sacher), and you pass by Café Schwarzenberg for the second time—it’s a sign that you should go in and take the chill off.

The café is the oldest coffeehouse (opened in 1861) on the Ringstrasse and one of the loveliest and most authentic in every way. As soon as I opened the door, I knew I’d made the right decision. A rush of warm air, and an old-fashioned glass display case full of beautiful pastries greeted me. Beyond, an older man in a suit sat at a little table with the newspaper in front of him; not far away two women were conversing quietly, over what looked like silver pots of tea. When a server motioned for me to sit wherever—I pulled up a chair at one of the marble-topped round tables near the women. As I unpeeled my scarf, removed my gloves and then perused the menu, I knew almost immediately what I was going to order. The Schwarzenberg-Cappuccino: espresso with hot chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate flakes. It arrived in the traditional Austrian way—on a silver tray accompanied with a glass of water and a spoon, served by a proper waiter who barely smiled. But it warmed me all the way through. (And it was real whipped cream.)

Wiener Melange with Strauss
Looking for a coffeehouse in Vienna? The Cafe Schwarzenberg, the oldest coffeehouse in Vienna on the famous Ringstrasse Boulevard offers delicious coffee specialties, yummy pastries, all enjoyed in cozy seats and couches. This is a great way to meet Viennese.

Lunch a short walk from the Opera House
Don't miss Cafe Schwarzenberg just a few blocks from the Opera House. A traditional Viennese lunch spot serves a variety of local dishes including great sausages and biers. Try the Goulash soup, smoked sausage with mustard and your favorite dark bier to top it off. Wunderbar!

Kärntner Ring 17, 1010 Wien, Austria
+43 1 5128998
Sat, Sun 8:30am - 12am
Mon - Fri 7:30am - 12am