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Naschmarkt, an incredible culinary treat
The Naschmarkt is absolutely one of the things you have to experience during your stay in Vienna! Locals call Vienna’s largest inner-city market the “city’s stomach." The market is a unique place for strolling, admiring, discovering, and sampling. You can buy everything to do with food: fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, bread and cheese. There are a great number of Austrian delicacies on offer, such as flavored vinegar, champagne sauerkraut, and much more. And if you are hungry there is a great choice of restaurants. If you happen to be here on a Saturday, don't forget to stroll through the flea market, which is right next door.

At the market
One of our very favorite stalls at the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Stop off to sample a wide array of naturally flavored and infused oil and vinegars.

Dining and Shopping at Naschmarkt
One of the most popular open-air shopping and dining experiences in Vienna, this market is open seven days a week, with a great range of fresh food, and antiques for sale.

A world of flavor at the Naschmarkt
The city's most popular market has over a hundred stalls and restaurants providing a carnival of food culture that attracts visitors and locals alike. Fresh produce from far and wide can be found here, as can a variety of take-home Middle Eastern and Asian delicacies and pretty much any spice you could ever want at Kräuterhaus.

Turkish home cooking from Orient & Occident and the Israeli flavors of Neni highlight a delicious ensemble of restaurants.

Bring cash. Many of the stalls and some restaurants do not take credit cards.

A colorful array of food smells, sights, sounds
Like any market teeming with life. Naschmarket in Vienna is buzzing especially during the summer months when the sun is out and local residents come out to shop for their weekly groceries as well as visitors from different parts of the world come to visit and dine. Some of the stalls are catered towards tourists and can seem a bit off-putting because the salespersons are very aggressive. However, don't let this throw you off as the variety of cuisines here and colorful people watching makes this a destination to see while in Vienna.

1060 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 400005430
Mon - Fri 6am - 7:30pm
Sat 6am - 6pm