Bob Marley Museum

6, 56 Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Though few tourists venture to Kingston, the capital and hub on the eastern coast of Jamaica, music fans should make the day trip to visit Bob Marley’s former home, now a museum dedicated to Marley’s life and impact on the world. A guided tour of this museum takes about an hour and a half and includes a 20-minute video presentation. Even devoted reggae fans will likely learn more about Bob than they ever knew. Exhibits include multiple awards, guitars, and his bed with an engraved headboard depicting a lion.

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Bob Marley's Getaway Home

During an afternoon driving around the hills of Jamaica, we stopped for lunch and ended up walking on sharp rocks to what is purportedly the shell of Bob Marley’s beachside getaway. It had seen better days, but the view of the ocean (facing the opposite way) was still breathtakingly tranquil.

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