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Pelican Bar

Catch a Boat Ride to Happy Hour
Bypass the roadside watering holes this time and take a boat ride to Floyd's Pelican Bar instead. This thatched hut stands stilts out in the water, making a dreamy spot for an afternoon of swimming and shooting the breeze, solo or with friends. A thirty minutes from the coast of Treasure Beach (arrange a boat ride through your guesthouse or resort), you can arrive at lunch and stay until after sundown. Just-caught fish, rum, and chilled Red Stripes are on the menu. Inside the tiny shack, various country flags hang and previous customers have left messages scrawled on planks and benches. Sit outside and watch the pelicans flying in formation across the horizon. 
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The Pelican Bar: A True Wet Bar
Jamaica is redefining the ‘wet bar’ with The Pelican Bar, located just off of Treasure Beach in the southwest. The rustic wooden bar is built on a sand bank about a quarter mile out in the Caribbean Sea. We chartered a fishing boat from the wonderful Jakes Guesthouse for a 20-minute sunset trip to The Pelican. The owner, Floyd, mixed us rum and Ting, a grapefruit soda and sold us Red Stripe beer, which we drank while dangling our feet off the dock. Unfortunately we didn’t see any dolphins or pelicans on our trip. We met a Canadian/Jamaican resident who told us the Pelican Bar was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The owner of Jake’s Guesthouse donated wood while other neighbors helped rebuild the watering hole.
The Pelican Bar: A True Wet Bar Cataboo  Jamaica

Wet Bar
What is the most effort you made to have a drink? I needed to hire a boat to get me out to Floyd's Pelican Bar. The good folks at Jake's Guest House arranged to have a fisherman take me from Frenchman's Bay on the 30-minute trip out to the bar that rests on stilts a quarter mile out in the Caribbean Sea. You can also get here from Black River. You can arrange to have a meal of lobster and/or fish caught in the water around the bar, though I just came for a few Red Stripe beers. You can hang out all day swimming, fishing, sunbathing and/or drinking Red Stripe or "Rum & Ting (grapefruit soda)." I was told you can often see dolphin and pelicans from the bar but I was not so fortunate. The structure is made completely from driftwood and if you bring a knife out, you can carve your name in the planks. I meet a bunch of cool people out there and watched a beautiful sunset before my return trip.
Wet Bar Cataboo  Jamaica

Cataboo, Jamaica