The latest episode of “To the Best of Our Knowledge” tackles the ethics of travel, including the issue of overtourism in places such as Venice (above).

We partnered with the award-winning radio show “To the Best of Our Knowledge” for its latest episode on ethical travel.

In the annual May/June hospitality issue, AFAR asked the question,“What does it mean to be a better traveler?” Although we looked at it from a practical angle, with recommendations for things like which bags are best for packing light, our stories also explored what it means for modern travelers to take their trips with the knowledge that their choices affect local populations, the climate, and much more.

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As the issue was coming together, we connected with the team at To the Best of Our Knowledge, an award-winning radio show from Wisconsin Public Radio and PRX that thoughtfully seeks to examine questions big and small. Its latest hour-long episode, “How to be an Ethical Traveler,” was inspired by our May/June 2019 issue. In it, hear from experts you may have seen in AFAR’s pages or on such as Kathryn Kellogg, who shares tips for making steps toward a zero-waste lifestyle, and Anu Taranath, who discusses issues of race and privilege as they arise during a trip. The episode expands the conversation by speaking with other experts, too, such as journalist Elizabeth Becker, who published a book about the phenomenon of overtourism, Dave Eggers, who reflects on having a personal code of travel ethics, and Barry Lopez, who talks about the balance of documenting and respecting customs while traveling.

You can find the episode right here embedded above, on, or wherever you get your podcasts. We hope you’ll listen, share, and continue striving to be better, more ethical travelers.

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