Meet Australia's redclaw yabby

Saltbush, wallaby, and redclaw yabbies are staples of Aussie cuisine

The much ballyhooed Sydney pop-up of Copenhagen’s renowned restaurant Noma focused the food world’s attention on some seriously unusual native ingredients. Here are three intensely Aussie edibles you can still taste around town:


Outback cred: A hardy, astringent leafy green traditionally used as sheep feed and as a “bush-tucker” by Aboriginal people.

Try it: Roasted in the wood-fired oven and served with a rich and spicy fermented chili at Ester.


Outback cred: Like kangaroo, only furrier and cuter. And way tastier.

Try it: Cantonese-style, braised with soy sauce and sugar, then cut with black bean and chili, at Billy Kwong.

Redclaw yabbies

Outback cred: Australia’s answer to crawfish, but meaner

Try it: Shucked and sweet on buckwheat pikelets (blini) with cultured cream and lemon jam at Bennelong.

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