Bum-Worthy Beaches
I have yet to visit a beach I didn't like. Here are some of my dream beach destinations around the world.

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Romantic Beach - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia

A visit to the Perhentian Islands is a must if you find yourself in Malaysia and want some beach time! If you want a nice quaint island stay on Perhentian Besar. If you are looking for more action then stay on Perhentian Kecil, but even Kecil is very nice and has its remote and quiet areas. There are no cars or roads on the island.

One morning we rented a kayak for the day and paddled to "romantic beach" (east side of Kecil) and had the beach to ourselves most of the time. You can also hire a boat taxi for a few dollars ($3USD). Along the way there are tiny private beaches if you want some alone time!

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by Rey Madolora
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