A Weekend in Dublin
If you’re in Dublin for the weekend, bike through the Phoenix Park, enjoy tea and scones at Queen of Tarts or take in some culture at the National Museum or National Library. A weekend in Dublin isn’t complete without a stroll across the Ha’penny Bridge, a traditional music session at O’Donoghue’s pub or – what else – a perfect pint of stout in any of Dublin’s lively pubs.

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Find Your Perfect Pint in Dublin

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Gravity Bar has wonderful 360-degree views of Dublin and all the Guinness you can drink. You can even try your hand at pouring the perfect pint. The bartenders know what they're doing, and to prove it, they make shamrocks into the foam with a flourish.

Guinness is a serious deal in Ireland. It is fun to start a debate amongst your new local friends as to which pub serves their favorite pint. For me, it was the Gravity Bar. The combination of having my very first non-imported Guinness along with the excitement of our honeymoon and relief of my ankle made it the perfect pint for me.

When we arrived at the Gravity Bar in Dublin, I was in pretty bad shape. Not even a week before our much planned honeymoon, I had a cast taken off my leg and my broken ankle had not finished healing. It was our first day in Ireland and we were enjoying the sites using the hop on, hop off bus. We decided to visit the Guinness Storehouse, an interesting museum dedicated to the famous Irish brew. By the time we finished, my leg was very swollen and I could barely walk so we decided to head to the very top floor, home to the Gravity Bar. When I had finished my icy cold drink, I realized my ankle felt much better and I could once again navigate the cobblestone streets of Dublin. I quickly learned that every time I had a Guinness, my ankle would feel better and soon enough, we had the locals of different pubs cheering "Guinness for strength!" when I put my order in.

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