Hotels A Grown-Up Backpacker Would Enjoy
Back in the day you approached traveling the way you approached booze—if it did the job, you'd take it. Now you exercise a little more discretion in your lodging (and beverage) choices, but you miss the adventure that comes with sleeping in a room full of strangers in Amsterdam. These 19 accommodations conjure a youthful spirit that plays nice with luxury. And you won't have to share the shower.

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The Sacred Valley, Peru

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The route to Machu Picchu has gotten smoother, thanks to two hotels outside Cuzco. Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel and Wellness resort is built on a 17th century hacienda and has one of Peru’s largest spas. Treatments feature coca leaves and camu camu, a fruit from the Amazon. To prepare for a trek, check into the Hotel Rio Sagrado and book an altitude acclimatizer massage at Spa Mayu Wilka.

This appeared in the June/July 2013 issue.

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