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Become One With the Falls

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I quickly put my camera in my drysack as I hear the engines of the boat rev up. Picture time is over - now it's time for the real fun to begin. The boat lurches forward into the blinding spray of Iguazu Falls and I finally become one with this natural wonder that I've been staring at all day in awe.

Prepare to get wet - no, not wet - a complete soaking. A Great Adventure boat ride into the heart of Iguazu Falls was a highlight of my time at the Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina. The boat captain drove us into 2 different falls as we all screamed and held our hands up as if it were a roller coaster. I peered over the edge and saw the brown turbulent water coming up over the boat and for a moment I thought - I hope the captain knows what he's doing as this life vest isn't going to save me.

I survived - and was happy I took Mother Nature's shower on a stifling hot day.

More information:
There are two boat trips to choose from - a shorter one that only goes to one waterfall and a longer one that includes a jungle ride, and a long speed boat trip up river to the falls as well as multiple trips into the falls. I took the longer one - it was great - however the jungle ride was pretty disappointing. You can book the ticket once you arrive at the park or you can buy from tour operators in town or online.

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by Sherry Ott
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