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The Carmel Market (Shuk) of Tel Aviv

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The Carmel Market is the largest outdoors market in Tel Aviv and sells everything from toiletries, clothes, meat, fruit and vegetables and some delicatessen cheese. Like in a lot of outdoors markets, the fruit and vegetables are displayed in such a way you can touch, smell and sometimes even taste it before you buy. The outdoors markets (shuk) are busy, noisy and crowded but they are also a micro-cosmos sometimes of the country's nation.
Markets in Israel are opened quite early in the morning and close around 7 or 8. Friday before the Shabat, is mostly the most busiest days as people in a hurry to get food for the weekend. Saturday Shabat the markets are closed.
Almsot every city in Israel has an outdoor market (shuk).
Some of the well known ones are: Kerem Hateymanim, a a small neighborhood named after the immigrants from Yamen.
The most famous shuk in Jerusalem is Machne Yehuda, which is quite a big outdoor place, very busy with a mix crowd of
Jews, Muslim, Christians, Orthodox and seculars.
In Haifa the shuk is in the arab quarter in Vadi Nisnas, the market has bakeries, fish and seafood stores and grounded arabic coffee.
In recent years some main cities have Farmer markets, which take place mostly on Fridays.


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