The Best Beaches in the Bahamas

You know why you’re here – you’ve come to discover the Bahamas’ best beaches. It’s that postcard-perfect white sand. The palm trees swaying in the sun. The surf slowly lapping at your toes as you walk along the beach. Bahamian beaches are the stuff of legend, and our guide will help you discover the best of them.

Harbor Island, The Bahamas
Harbour Island is an out island of the out island Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Home to a scant 1,500 people and more golf carts than cars, Harbour Island is the perfect place to get away from it all. It’s also home to the rich and famous who visit for the same reason the rest of us do, quiet relaxation. As soon as I landed on the island I could feel my stress melt away. It’s hard to get too worried on an island with roosters in the street and golf carts whizzing past. Harbour Island is one of those places that quickly occupies a place in your heart and I know I can’t wait for a return visit.
You’ll be hard pressed to find anything other than postcard-perfect scenery in the Exumas, and if you’re ambitious and up early enough, there’s a good chance that you can have Horseshoe Bay in Saddle Cay all to yourself for a few hours. A trip to a private Bahamian island isn’t out of reach for the intrepid traveler, as plenty of outfitters offer affordable tours, overnight adventures, and sightseeing cruises to these gorgeous islands.
1 Casino Drive, Paradise Island, The Bahamas
My sister freaked out when she heard that Kenny Chesney would be playing a special concert at the Atlantis Resort on Memorial Day weekend last year. She begged me to go, and with neither of us having been to the Bahamas, it was an absolutely fabulous experience. We shopped and laid out by the pool during the days, while experiencing all the nightlife and restaurants that the resort has to offer. We had a great weekend, and Kenny was the topping on the cake!
The Bahamas
The Exumas are a stunning archipelago of remote islands and cays strung between Nassau and Long Island, and around a dozen of these tiny islands are protected within the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. Established in 1958 as a preserve where no fishing is allowed, it was the first marine protected area in the Caribbean. It has been highly successful at maintaining the fragile beaches and marine life found in the area. Visitors can take boat tours to the park to go diving and snorkeling on the many healthy reefs and to explore the secluded tropical islands, where endangered Bahamian iguanas roam the beaches. On Big Major Cay, you can go swimming with the pigs at Pig Beach and give them fresh water, as their water supply is limited.
Treasure Cay Road, Treasure Cay, AB-22134, Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas
Carleton Point is the historic site of the first settlement on Treasure Cay Beach, where 600 Americans loyal to the British migrated in 1783, at the end of the American Revolutionary War, preferring to live in the British-controlled Bahamas rather than the newly independent United States of America. The settlement they built was named Carleton Point after Sir Guy Carleton, a British military commander in New York who oversaw the evacuation of the Loyalists. The settlement was short-lived, however, as the Loyalists abandoned it in 1785 after a hurricane hit, but artifacts have been uncovered at the site, and a plaque now marks its location.
Long Island, The Bahamas
Nestled inside a protected cove on the coast of Long Island, Dean’s Blue Hole is an unusual natural wonder. From the shore, it looks like a round patch of blue water surrounded by turquoise green. That’s the result of a massive sinkhole that collapsed near the shore, creating a natural tunnel that drops to more than 660 feet deep, making it the deepest blue hole in the world. The site is commonly visited by scuba divers and free-divers who explore the vertical cavern walls. It’s also a great place for swimmers, and because it’s protected within the cove there are no currents or waves to worry about.
Just south of Bimini, tiny Gun Cay is the site of Honeymoon Harbour Beach, a remote and beautiful stretch of shore that’s accessible only by boat. Bimini Undersea offers trips to the beach, where you can lounge on the sand and snorkel in the calm, clear water. However, the highlight is the opportunity for face-to-face encounters with the local stingrays. These bottom-dwelling creatures have grown accustomed to people feeding and touching them, so there’s very little risk of a sting, as long as you’re gentle and take small steps to avoid trodding on them.
The Bahamas
The longest beach on Little Exuma is a stunning stretch of powder-white sand that is officially called Pelican Beach but more commonly called Tropic of Cancer Beach because it sits directly on the Tropic of Cancer latitude line—the dividing line between the subtropics and the tropics. This navigational line is marked on the pavement atop the stairs leading to the beach. Even without it, the beach would be well worth a visit—it’s often empty of visitors, and the calm turquoise waters and gently sloping, white-sand seafloor make it a great place to swim and sunbathe.
Stocking Island, The Bahamas
You haven’t truly seen The Bahamas if you haven’t done a day trip to one of their many unspoiled islands. When in Exuma, a short water taxi ride, which will cost you only $12, will bring you to an island off the port of Georgetown. It’s pristine waters and beaches will surely spoil you- the Exuma Cays has one of the clearest waters I’ve seen in the world! Be sure to be on the lookout for Stingrays next to the Chat ‘N’ Chill Bar. Feeling adventurous? Walk across waist-deep water to bring you to the other side of the island, where the waves crash over the coral. Go beyond that and take one of the the hidden walking trails that will lead you to the end of the island. Just make sure to not get lost on your own, some of the paths do seem endless like it will lead to nowhere. However far you get, remember to go back as the island tends to elude your sense of time. Your water taxi awaits!
Cable Beach, Nassau, The Bahamas
If all you really want to do on your Bahamian visit is relax on the beach, this is the spot for you. A short ride from downtown Nassau (every taxi driver knows where it is), it has everything necessary for a fun morning or afternoon in the sun: a stretch of powdery white sand, calm waters that are perfect for swimming and surrounding resorts where you can stop in to get a bite, order drinks and rent water-sports equipment.

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