Copenhagen Airport is a hub for the Nordic countries. The airport is incredibly efficient, easy to navigate, and situated just outside the city. Transport to and from the airport can be done by taxi, but the vast majority of travelers rely on the subway, train, or city buses—which are clean, efficient, and run 24/7. It is also possibly to fly into nearby Malmo, Sweden, roughly 50 minutes by train/bus from Copenhagen. Trains and buses also run from both Sweden and Germany.

In this "City of Bicycles," more than 50 percent of Danes commute daily on two wheels, and it's bikes, not cars or pedestrians, that tend to have the right-of-way. Many hotels offer bikes for loan or rent; alternately you can rent them from local shops. Copenhagen's historic core is very walkable, and a leisurely stroll is a great way to see the city. Interconnected subways, buses, and S-trains use a common fare structure, and the subway is automated and runs regularly through the night. Cabs tend to be pricey. Copenhagen is currently experimenting with a new bike-rental system to replace the discontinued free city bike program.