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Once-In-a-Lifetime Boat Ride
During a trip to Peru's Lake Titicaca, my husband and I debated whether to visit the Uros Floating Islands - we'd received mixed reviews from travelers who had already visited the islands. We decided to give it a shot and hired a private boat to get to the islands since it wasn't much more expensive than a group boat and we could be a bit more on our schedule.

We were so glad we decided to visit the Uros Islands! Aside from learning about the Uros people's fascinating culture, one of the young Uros men, seeing how interested we were in their way of life, treated us to a really special experience - a boat ride in his traditional Uros reed boat! When in the Lake Titicaca region, I definitely suggest you check out the Uros Floating Islands, despite anything negative you might hear from others who've visited them before. It's a glimpse into a life lived literally on a lake, and it's unlike anything I've seen before or since.
Puno, Peru