The Nobel Peace Center was opened in 2005 and is absolutely fascinating…and very humbling. It was established by Alfred Nobel (who was Swedish) in his will. He gave no reason for this but some feel it was to assuage his guilt over being the inventor of dynamite. The Nobel Peace Center is divided into 3 main areas (main exhibits; current Nobel Peace Prize winners; former Nobel Peace Prize winners) with various other smaller exhibits. You can find the Nobel Peace Center at Brynjulf Bulls Plass 1 in Oslo, Norway (situated in the old train station, in the heart of Oslo between Oslo City Hall and the shopping areas at Aker Brygge).

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Nobel Peace Center on the Water

The Nobel Peace Center is a nice museum to visit in Oslo and they often hold exhibitions. They also have a really great shop with photography books. The museum is located on the water and is a relaxing place to visit and watch the ships come in. You also get a great view of architecture across the water.

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