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Mto Wa Mbu

Red Bananas at Mto Wa Mbu Village
The Mto Wa Mbu village, literally translated as the River of Mosquitos, is located along the arid, dusty highway toward Lake Manyara, past the ubiquitous baobab-dotted savannah, herds of grazing cattle patiently watched by Maasai Herdsmen and towards the dramatic backdrop of the lush and fertile Ngorongoro Crater highlands and shimmering Lake Manyara. Its a great place to sample a red banana.

In my opinion bananas oughtn't to be red, so I felt I should try one of these unnatural-looking fruit. I stopped by one of the battered and wonky wooden stalls lining the road, and was initially besieged by women offering me yellow bananas. I pointed to the small bunch of red bananas in a plastic bucket and headed back to my car, intrigued.

I can tell you that they taste like banana, with a hint of raspberry and that they are absolutely delicious.

Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania