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Hamad International Airport

Now THIS is an airport!
I've seen many airports around the world and this place is extraordinary. The hub and home for Qatar Airways, Hamad is the essence of luxury in every conceivable way. Even though it's still a continuing work in progress it is easy to imagine it becoming truly iconic very soon. I didn't win the car, but loved the big B welcoming me to my transfer gate. Suddenly layovers didn't feel so bad.

I found art in an usual place
Walking through the newly launched Hamad International Airport in Doha, I was visually pleased with art installations dotted all over the airport, lounges and hallways. One of the ones you won't miss is this giant yellow teddy bear sculpture by Urs Fischer at the departures/ Transit terminal. Perhaps it's that big fat hug it wants from you before leaving the country.

You wont have time to get bored as you will come across a variety of carefully curated artworks of sculptures and paintings by regional and international artists for the 9th largest airport in the world.

Doha, Qatar
+974 4010 6666