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Green Dot Stables

Artisan Sliders in a Former Corktown Dive Bar
With just over a year in business, Green Dot Stables is still new, but owner Jacques and his wife took over a building in Corktown that isn't. Instead, they took it from abandoned and historical to historical but fresh. The interior still retains its ode to horse racing and is kitschy appeal without being cheesy.

An innovative new menu presided over by Les Molnar features more than 20 unusual and classic sliders with a "mystery meat" option that changes often. On the day I visited, the special was Lamb Tongue with Dijon Brown Butter and Fennel Relish. My favorite was the Corned Beef Slider with Wigley's-Brinery Kraut, Pickle and Mustard Aioli.

Local and imported beers anchor the drink list and their soda (or pop as it is known in the Midwest) is mixed in-house with locally made syrup.

Optional sides include truffle fries, poutine, chicken and orzo salad, kale & quinoa, or classic mac 'n' cheese.

Menus items start at an affordable $2 and it is a packed house during the lunch rush so plan accordingly or visit at odd hours to ensure fast service.
Eating Out at the Stables
Imagine the lively atmosphere of your favorite knockabout neighborhood gastropub. Now replace that pub's typical humdrum hot dogs and dry hamburgers with quinoa-burger sliders, truffle-and-herb french fries and chicken-and-lemon-orzo salad and you've got yourself Green Dot Stables. The popular pub recently reopened under new ownership, and it's been luring locals and out-of-towners alike with its combination of jockey-themed conviviality and fine food.
Eating Out at the Stables Detroit Michigan United States

Sliders and drinks galore in a Detroit enclave
Under the spectre of the Ambassador Bridge to Canada and the ghostly Michigan Central Station, Green Dot Stables beckons patrons from the sunshine into an atmosphere reminiscent of your grandparents' basement, in a good way. Try venison-chili-cheese or truffle french fries, a Michigan craft beer and sliders ranging from tempeh to cheeseburger to duck-meat to peanut-butter-and-jelly on through to dessert for a s'mores slider or cheesecake.
Sliders and drinks galore in a Detroit enclave Detroit Michigan United States

2200 West Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48216, USA
+1 313-962-5588
Sun 12pm - 10pm
Mon - Wed 11am - 12am
Thur - Sat 11am - 1am