Dubrovnik Cable Car

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Dubrovnik Cable Car
In a swift four-minute ride, the Dubrovnik cable car can deliver you to the top of Mount Srdj for a bird’s-eye perspective of the Old Town and surrounding areas. Sometimes, on really crisp days, Italy will appear far out on the horizon. Even through mist, the views of the Elaphite Islands in the water west of town are guaranteed to leave you in awe. Next to the cable-car station is Napoleon's Fort Royal, an immense stone fortress which played a strategic role in the 1992 siege of Dubrovnik during the Croatian war of independence. Today, the fort houses the Museum of Contemporary History, displaying artifacts from the Dubrovnik battlefield, and a BBC film that vividly illustrates the events of 1991 and 1992.
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Get a Bird's Eye View of Dubrovnik Via the City's Cable Car
Our first two days in Dubrovnik, the sun hid among a thick cloak of clouds. Dodging a deluge of raindrops that's unusual for the city, we longed for the vibrant ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ of postcards.

On the day of our cable car ride up to Mount Srdj, 405 meters above sea level, things started to look up, with Dubrovnik transitioning from greyscale tones to Technicolor.

Our cable car lifted off, and within seconds, Dubrovnik looked more like a medieval Lego land than a formidable city, ringed by 2 kilometers of walls. In my peripheral vision, residential rooftops faded into scratchy green vegetation, and finally a rocky hillside. In less than three minutes, we had glided 778 meters from lower to upper station.

The views from the top of the platforms and Mount Srdj were incredible. We also visited the Homeland Museum, which is housed in a fort that was built by the French in the early 1800s.

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Our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iW1X6KRuKg
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Dubrovnik Cable Car
The Dubrovnik cable car takes four minutes to whisk you to the top of Srdj Hill, the perfect spot for a bird’s-eye view of the Old Town and surrounding areas. The incredible sight of the Elaphite Islands to the west is guaranteed to leave you slack-jawed. Sometimes, on really crisp days, you can make out Italy far on the horizon. Next to the cable car station is Napoleon’s Fort Imperial that now houses the Museum of Contemporary History.
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