Lovrijenac Fortress

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Lovrijenac Fortress
One of Dubrovnik’s oldest fortresses stands atop a 100-foot rock, guarding the western land entrance to the Old Town, and vigilantly turned toward Venice, Dubrovnik’s traditional rival. As you enter the Old Town through the Pile Gate, walk down to Kolorina Bay then climb the stairs to the fortress—a monumental tribute to Dubrovnik’s foresight, as summarized in the motto of the Ragusan Republic engraved above the main entryway: “We do not sell our liberty for any gold in the world.” Because it is far less busy than Dubrovnik's city walls, the theatrical space of Lovrijenac provides a more intimate experience of the municipality’s charm and history as well as offering some breathtaking panoramas.
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Lovrijenac Fortress
Perched atop a 37m rock cliff to guard the land and sea entrances to the Old Town, the triangular fortress stands watch against Venice, Dubrovnik’s historic rival, and all other invaders. Climb the stairs to the gates where the motto of the Ragusan Republic is engraved above the main entry: "We do not sell our liberty for any gold in the world." The fort provides breathtaking panoramas of the Old Town and the surrounding sea, plus is a dramatic backdrop to performances during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
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My Game Of Thrones Tour - Day 1
I met my Game Of Thrones tour guide at Pile Gate, and because the weather was fantastic, our group ended up being quite huge ( a group of 10). Our walking tour began as we headed towards St. Lawrence Fortress (Lovrijenac) also known as The Rep Keep. Numerous famous scenes were shot inside the fortress and in a small bay named Kolorina. Without a doubt I recognized some of the scenes immediately, I stepped into the pier.

Next, we stopped at the entrance to the Old Town where our guide explained that the Peasant’s riot, one of the scenes that proved to be a daunting task to shoot in Dubrovnik, was shot here. The key reason is that they city’s entrance was closed for several hours. Since most people were interested in seeing some of their favorite actors or seeing the set, they didn’t mind the city’s entrance being inaccessible for several hours which we found interesting.

We walked back to Dubrovnik’s main street then to Lord Baelish’s brothel where Obrien and Tyrion met. We then took a narrow road that led us to the Walk of Shame and great Sept of Baelor. Any of the scenes that were recorded here were still fresh in our memories, but we were still amazed to see the places in person.

After the walking tour, our guide suggested that we visit the City Walls, which date back to the twelfth century, where some scenes were also shot. Standing next to the walls made me feel small.
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