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Placa In The Wee Hours Of The Morning
Stradun or Placa is the main street of Dubrovnik and connects the two gates of the Old City. Many of Dubrovnik's historic buildings and monuments are located along this 300 meter promenade. The highly polished limestone pedestrian street is lined with vendors, shops and apartments, and during the day it is so crowded it is hard to capture its full beauty. This rare, empty shot was taken in the wee hours of the morning and captures the stunning beauty of the city's polished street.

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All That Glitters: The Captivating Charm of Dubrovnik
There is no shortage of adjectives which have been employed to describe the shimmering splendor of Dubrovnik. Few places measure up in the sparkle department to this utterly charming fortified town which sits on the coast of southern Dalmatia. To attempt to depict the grandeur of the surroundings with mere words is an exercise in futility: Dubrovnik must be seen to fully appreciate why it is so often referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic. This jewel is perhaps at its most resplendent at night, after the hordes of cruise ship passengers have departed. Enter through the Ploče gate at twilight. When you emerge onto the Stradun, with its high gloss stones which have been buffed to gleaming perfection by the untold millions of footsteps upon them, you realize what gives Dubrovnik so much of its seductive allure – despite its advanced age and complex past: its beauty never fades.
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