Chef Daniela del Balzo is full-immersion Roman, and she shares everything she knows at this intimate cooking school on the Aventine hill. For travelers who love Roman or even Neopolitan cooking, nothing beats a personal lesson from a local, and del Balzo will customize each recipe for your palate. A morning lesson includes appraising produce at her market, then preparing and savoring lunch in her nearby home. Learn how to make dishes like fried zucchini blossom, Roman lamb cacciatora, and maritozzi (Roman buns with whipped cream). Reservations required.

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Learn to Cook Like a Roman

Chef Daniela del Balzo takes students along on a typical Roman day: shopping at Testaccio market, cooking in her elegant home on the Aventine hill, and sitting down to a family-style lunch, the dishes paired with local wines. Reserve in advance.

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