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Chumbe Island Coral Park (CHICOP)

Tower on Chumbe Island
I had the pleasure of ending my time in Tanzania with a trip to Chumbe Island, just off the coast of Zanzibar. This tower, called the Lighthouse, is the biggest structure. But there are several wonderful open-air bungalows that you can book for a relaxing stay. The snorkeling is amazing among the island's pristine reefs.

My bungalow on Chumbe Island
The bottom section is the living area and the top section is the bedroom—oriented to catch the wonderful tropical breezes.

Note the stairs—they keep the coconut crabs from climbing up and snuggling with you at night!

Diagram of the Chumbe Island dwelling
OK so I'm a nerd! I thought the design of the dwellings on Chumbe Island were so creative - oriented to catch the breezes, completely open but secure, stairs to keep out the numerous (and curious) coconut crabs, and completely eco-friendly!

You won't starve on this desert island!
Home-cooked meals after a day of snorkeling taste especially good and Aadila makes sure you'll eat well!

Fun place to snorkel
Chumbe Island has amazingly pristine coral reefs. While out snorkeling, it's wise to remember not to touch the reefs or the creatures that live there (like this big bivalve - especially since if it clamped down on your hand or foot you might be stuck there beyond your lungs' capacity!)

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