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Mnemba Island

Nungwi Road

Snorkeling off Mnemba Island

The water is so clear, you can see the fish coming to greet you before you take the time to put on your snorkel. An easy day-trip (or, your front stoop if you stay at &Beyond's lodge on the island), the shared dhow departed Nungwe Beach before picking us up in waist-deep water at Sazani Lodge, further down the coast. Perched on the top deck of the boat next to the sail, we bobbed along to the rhythm of the ocean. When we arrived, there was one other snorkel boat in the area and a couple other (smaller) dive boats, but it was no distraction from the incredible array of fish and coal beneath me. After my fingertips started to resemble prunes from spending much too long floating in the salty water, I hoisted myself back into the vessel to enjoy a cold Kilimanjaro beer. We sailed shortly to the mainland and a deserted section of beach, requiring a nimble trek to and fro across the coral dotted shore. After a basic lunch of rice, fish and fruit, the sail was hoisted for our return journey. The pace of the ship slowed as the waves picked up their tempo.
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